Good Math, Bad Math is a blog which exists for two reasons:

  1. For me to ramble about the beauty of mathematics, and try to share my enthusiasm for the subject.
  2. To track down the bozos who use bad math to lie, distort reality, and in general support bad arguments; demonstrate their errors and their dishonesty; and generally mock them.

The blog will also intermittently include me rambling about other obsessions: programming, music, and whatever else interests me.

The beautiful “Good Math/Bad Math” banner was designed by Josh Gemmell.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nikos M.

    Hello, stumbled on this page by a series of links from some math page, then about the new blog and finaly on the about page.

    Hope the best for the new blog and have fun with all the interesting things you are involved. Which brings me to the actual topic of this rather reluctant comment.

    As musicians know music is one. i would say the same about math. Math is one. There is no bad math as there is no bad music

    Sometimes ramblings about bad music (or bad math) and such, remind me of people who try to enforce their likes or dislikes on others and play the blame game and the guilt trip.

    As for the rest, there is a saying, if one is expert in something it should be easy to explain it to others. if not, it means either herself does not understand it so well, or does not want to explain.

    1. George

      @Nikos: Mathematics isn’t about likes or dislikes. Mathematics is about what is true or what is false. Good math is logically consistent. “Bad math” is contradictory and false, and isn’t actually a part of math, and shouldn’t be called math. Regardless of how much one
      “likes” something which is unsatisfiable, that something will always be unsatisfiable no matter what.


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