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If you take a look around scienceblogs, a lot of the folks here have really beautiful banners for their blogs. Like, for example:

Unfortunately, while I’m a good math geek and a passable musician, I’m a really horrible artists. So I’m putting a request out to you guys, the readers. Can someone out there with some artistic ability try making a cool goodmath/badmath banner for me?

0 thoughts on “Site Banner Request

  1. arc_legion

    the first thing you do when posting a request is to spout random suggestions about things you like or effects you like. 😛 I did work for my father designing brochures for his business, and I must have gone back and forth 30 times with him because he didn’t like something I did (he also never gave me any guidance as to how he wanted it designed – with what ideas in mind).
    So, start there, maybe I’ll get bored and make one on a day off.

  2. Dr. Free-Ride

    Seriously, you have to at least specify some ground rules (like so), and maybe offer some kind of incentive.
    (Also, you should know that, at least when previewing potential banners, the first generation male ScienceBloggers have shown a marked fondness for hot pink. Seek their counsel with care!)

  3. Travis

    Came over here by way of pharyngula and found myself a new blog to bookmark. I’m not a pro, but I’ve done some graphics work before and I’d be happy to help, but as arc_legion points out, even some basic guidance could save some time/headaches.


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