Welcome and Introducing Myself

Welcome to the new home of Good Math, Bad Math. I thought I’d take the opportunity of moving to this lovely new home to introduce myself. I’m Mark Chu-Carroll, a math geek with a PhD in Computer Science. I work in a corporate research lab, which has asked me not to explicitly mention them here, so they shall remain nameless.

I started blogging just a few months ago, largely inspired by my fellow SB’er, Orac. Orac had posted an entry about a really bad study of autism rates by a “mercury causes autism” proponent. I joined in on the comments; and it struck me that while I knew about tons of really great science blogs debunking the bad science out there, I actually didn’t know of any blogs doing the same for math. On a spur of the moment impulse, I decided to jump in and give it a try.

After a few posts, I decided that I didn’t want my blog to be all negative, so I started also writing about mathematical subjects that interested me. That’s gradually grown to be the majority of what I write about. In fact, right now, back at the old blog, there’s a poll going on about what good math subject I’ll write about next. If you’re interested, pop over there, and add your votes.

0 thoughts on “Welcome and Introducing Myself

  1. ej

    I understand very little of what you blog about but you do it so well.
    Constant reader since…maybe four weeks ago.

  2. HCN

    The interesting thing about the new entries in the Scienceblogs realm… is that they are blogs that we already read!

  3. theRidger

    Good luck at the new site. I’ve been reading you at blogspot for a while now (and linked to you), and while I’m often out of my depth, I enjoy puzzling my way through your posts. There have been a lot of things you’ve made clear to me about statistics – thanks!

  4. MarkCC

    I’ll probably move some stuff over here a little at a time. There are some old posts that I’d like to polish up a bit, and since the moveable type software that we use here is so much better than the crap at blogger, I’d like to redo some of the posts to use proper math notation. So gradually, you’ll probably see at least part of the archives re-appear here. But the old site isn’t going away – it’ll stay there as an archive.

  5. Anthropology.net

    Helping Science Education

    The ScienceBlogs/DonorsChoose raise-money-to-help-science-classrooms-a-thon! Although I am not an educator or an academic, science education is important to me. One of the reasons I blog is to try and explain the methods and techniques of anthropology – a


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