A really easy "Ask an SBer".

As usual for this time of the week, the seed folks have tossed out a new “Ask a Science-Blogger” question for us to answer. This weeks is particularly easy. The question:

How is it that all the PIs (Tara, PZ, Orac et al.), various grad students, post-docs, etc. find time to fulfill their primary objectives (day jobs) and blog so prolifically?

The answer: Insanity.
(Full disclosure: I’m not a PI; that is, I’m not an academic researcher who needs to do grant proposals to get funding for my projects. However, I am a professional researcher for an industrial research lab, and while I don’t write grant proposals, I do write project proposals to get projects funded, and I have to show results to the people who give me money for my projects. In the end, it’s not all that different.)

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