One more plug for DonorsChoose

This is the last time I’m going to bug folks to remind them to donate to the SB challenges.
The DonorsChoose fundraiser here at ScienceBlogs is just about over. Three more days for you to help some kids get a good education in math and science. The GoodMath/BadMath challenge is here; and Janet has a rundown on the challenges that are close to their goals. (If the challenge is met, DonorsChoose will add in an extra 5% bonus.)
As an extra incentive, for the next 10 people who donate to the GM/BM challenge, if you send me a copy of your DonorsChoose receipt, I’ll let you pick one topic for me to write a post about. The only restriction is that the topic be related to some kind of math – good or bad – and that it’s legit. (So don’t send me some good math and ask me to write a bad math post about it.)
Please, do go over to DC, and donate whatever you can afford, As I said at the very beginning of our drive, I’ve taught kids from the kinds of schools that we’re trying to help. There’s something deeply wrong with a school where you have kids who want to learn, but they don’t really get the chance, because they don’t have the things they need – like textbooks.

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