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As you may have noticed, there’s a site banner up there now.
I only received one submission back when I requested people to submit banners. , and it just didn’t quite work for me. (Bit too dark, and I didn’t like the hint of a blurring effect on the letters.) Since no one else sent me anything, I finally broke down and threw something together myself. It’s OK, but I’m not wild about it. So I’m repeating my request:
Someone with artistic talent, *please* make me a banner. The requirements:

  1. The size should be roughly 760×90.
  2. Subdued colors; not glaringly bright. No hot pink. I tend to like blues and violets, but I’ll be happy with anything that doesn’t hurt my eyed.
  3. Easy to read text, including the name of the blog, and the subtitle that are currently there. I’d rather not have funny fonts mixed into the title.
  4. Something in the background that suggests the kind of math I do. Since my approach to math is much more focused on discrete math topics like structures and logic, I’d prefer to see something like graphs, category diagrams, topologies, or knots than equations.

The rewards for the person whose banner I use:

  1. You’ll be eternally credited in the “about” link on the blog.
  2. You can pick a topic for me to write a blog entry or series of entries about.
  3. If I ever collect the blog entries into a book, you’ll get a free signed copy.

0 thoughts on “Site Banner

  1. coturnix

    I like the one you made, actually. You just have to make sure it is on all templates so it is visible on pages other than the front page.

  2. pough

    Can you give us some more info on “graphs, category diagrams, topologies, or knots” and maybe where we could find some related images to include?

  3. Mark C. Chu-Carroll

    I don’t have links to any images you can use that won’t violate someone’s copyright. You can get an idea of what these things look at by just searching for things like knots, or topologies, or graphs, etc., on either wikipedia, or

  4. Doub

    There are so much good artists out there, I would have thought that you received lots of proposals. Here is a quick attempt of mine :
    Images comes from your blog or google, and source data is made with Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I can adjust it, modify it, or just give you the source file.
    Images on the left are taken from your blog. Image on the middle right is noah’s ark (you talked about a paper computing ark’s size a few time ago). On the far right it’s a kind of attempt to symbolize creationism garbage.

  5. Marcus

    It’s probable that you’d actually would have got an updated version of the image if you’d taken the time to respond to the e-mail in which I sent it, instead of just ignoring it. It came of as really rude.
    The PSD is up at if anyone want’s it though. It’s public domain and so is the photo in the background which, together with all the formulas in the image, except Euler, comes from Introduction to Algorithms, 2nd ed. (Cormen, et al.)


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