Huh? How'd that happen?

As lots of folks around SB have been commenting today, Nature magazine has come up with a list of the top 50 science blogs, based on technorati ratings. According to them, GM/BM is the number 45 science blog in the world. Even if it is a screwy way of figuring out what science blogs are most widely read, it’s still just astounding that by any measure, this blog is ranked that high.
I’ve only been doing this blogging thing since March. And when I started, I really expected that I’d be lucky to get a dozen readers a day, if that. I thought I’d probably wind up giving up and folding within the first month.
Instead, it’s been four months, and there are somewhere around a thousand people reading this blog each weekday. (Or a hell of a lot more than that on a day like today, when I’ve been linked by DarkSyde on DailyKos and by the USAToday. Thanks to both of you!)
Thanks folks. I’m really amazed at how well this blog has been received; and I’m happier than I can really express to find out that people are interested in the crazy stuff I write about.
Also, while I’m chattering away: the GM/BM DonorsChoose challenge raised $1400 towards supporting math education. Those of you who donated, thank you! SB as a whole raised over $30,000 towards math and science education. That’s going to make a real difference to a lot of kids.

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  1. Bronze Dog

    I’m still kind of hovering around 150 visits a day, and I’ve been around for about 7 months. Did get one readership spike when my “Image Dogtoring” of a Jack Chick tract got linked via Orac and PZ. 4,200 hits on March 28.

  2. Spook

    It shouldn’t be a surprise, really; this is one of the more interesting blogs I’ve seen out there, and given the subject matter it is surprisinly readable.
    I only discovered it about a week or two ago through Digg, and proceeded to read every post that I had time for. Keep up the good work!


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