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The 2006 Weblog Awards
So, Goodmath/Badmath was nominated for a weblog award for the best science blog. I was actually planning on ignoring it for two reasons. First, Pharyngula was nominated in the same category, and there is absolutely no way that I can *hope* to complete with PZ. And second, the Weblogs are kind of goofy, with very strange voting rules (for example, you’re allowed to vote once per day).
But people keep emailing me and asking why I haven’t said anything. So, if you feel like voting for this
blog, please do. Maybe I’ll manage to come in third or fourth 🙂
And many thanks to the folks who nominated me. It’s really nice to know that people have such a positive opinion of my blog. It’s incredibly flattering to be nominated alongside people like PZ and Phil.

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  1. dan

    Congrats on your nomination.
    Say, I wonder if you’d like to comment on the math behind the Unsuggester over at LibraryThing. It’s claiming to show you the book you’re least likely to own if you own a given book, but it seems to be showing you the book you most conspicuously don’t own (i.e. the most popular book you don’t own).

  2. Blake Stacey

    I would vote for all three of you at least once (in fact, I think I nominated GM/BM when they called for inputs), but their Flash thingy doesn’t work in my browser. Why they need to use Flash to get the choice of one option button is beyond me.


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