The Koufax Awards

So as many other folks have been pointing out, the Koufax awards have come out with their “Best Expert Blog” nominations, and I’m incredibly pleased to say that GM/BM was nominated!

In case you’re not familiar, the Koufaxes are one of the really serious, prestigious web-awards, aimed primarily at the left-leaning blogosphere.

I realize that my chances of actually winning are pretty damned slim; on the other hand, since PZ is disqualified because he won last year, that means that the rest of us have a chance. Voting isn’t open yet, but when it is, I’ll mention it here. I would really like to make a good showing. The BlogAwards, where GM/BM came in fourth are a very sloppily run silly award; the Koufaxes mean something.

Thanks to whoever nominated me!

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