Friday Random 10

  1. Naftule’s Dream, “Something is There”: What do you get when you mix up a traditional Klezmer band with Ornette Coleman, plus just a bit of thrash? Naftule’s Dream.
  2. Genesis, “Counting out Time”: a catchy little tune from Peter Gabriel’s opus with
    Genesis, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”: It’s astonishing just how undated this sounds.
  3. Mogwai, “Glasgow Mega-Snake”: one of my favorite tracks by one of my favorite post-rock bands. This one should be listened to loud to really get the full effect.
  4. Pink Floyd, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)”: Wow, now here’s one I haven’t listened
    to in a very long time. It’s as good as I remembered.
  5. Porcupine Tree, “Prepare Yourself”: Brilliant stuff from Porcupine Tree.
  6. New Grange, “Going to Boston”: This is what happens when Darol Anger gets goofy: a sort
    of old-timey rap song based on a traditional New England fiddle tune. This is great fun to see
  7. Hugh Blumenfield, “Longhaired Radical Socialist Jew”: the greatest gospel song of all time. “Jesus was a homeless lad with an unwed mother and an absent dad; And I don’t really think he’d
    have gotten that far, if Newt, Pat, and Jesse had followed that star. So let’s all sing out praised to that Longhaired Radical Socialist Jew”.
  8. Rush, “Bravest Face”: It’s really good to hear Rush back in full form. This is a great song, and so obviously Rush – the Peart drums, the Lifeson guitar playing, and above it all Geddy Lee’s voice and amazing bass playing.
  9. Spock’s Beard, “All That’s Left”: SB is a great neo-progressive band. They went through
    a bit of a rough patch a few years ago, when the former leader of the band found Jesus and quit the
    band. This album is the first where they really feel like they’re comfortable with the new lineup. It’s definitely got a different sound from a lot of their older stuff, but it’s still recognizable as the same band. This is a really nice track – it’s almost a ballad, but with a really solid structure, some odd rythyms, and a lot of transitions.
  10. Jonathan Coulton, “Todd the T1000”: A very silly song from a very geeky pop-singer.

0 thoughts on “Friday Random 10

  1. Jon H

    The best thing about Roger Waters’ Berlin Wall show was that Thomas Dolby agreed to participate only if they’d let him hang from a tall crane.
    Re: Rush
    I’m pretty sure I heard Rush playing as the Muzak in the Walgreens across the street. It sounded like Geddy, but it wasn’t a familiar song. They definitely don’t play regular radio there, so someone corporate must have picked it, which has to be a landmark moment.

  2. Martin Wagner

    Glad to see another prog fan out there. I also love “Bravest Face” off the new Rush; it probably has one of their most stirring choruses ever. But I’m also a huge fan of “Faithless” and “Workin’ Them Angels”. Snakes & Arrows is one of their very finest releases.


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