Give Scienceblogs a Hand with Languages

ScienceBlogs recently branched out and opened up a German-language edition of ScienceBlogs in cooperation with a German media firm. Over at the in-house
blog Page 3.14, our blogging goddess, Ginny, is asking for help with what languages readers think SB should assimilate next. Do us a favor, and drop over to Page 3.14, and fill out the poll. Thanks!

0 thoughts on “Give Scienceblogs a Hand with Languages

  1. Starhawk Laughingsun

    The link for the poll is messed up. Contains an ‘)’ at the end. thought ya might wanna know.
    BTW I really love your blog, this is my first comment but I’ve been a regular reader for a while 🙂

  2. drozvonovich

    It would be great if the poll allowed for multiple selection for those of us who are polyglots. (BTW- excellent blog, keep up the great work (= . )


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