Don't Forget the SB Challenge

Just a reminder: the ScienceBloggers DonorsChoose challenge is not over yet. 10 GM/BM readers have already contributed over $1100. I can’t even begin to say how terrific I think that is. 9 of the proposals that I picked for the challenge have been fully funded!
Just to try to motivate other folks – here’s some of the things that I’d like to see get funded:

  • Pre-Calculus Text Books for some awesome students!. This is the biggest proposal that I included in the GM/BM challenge, and I don’t believe that we’ll manage to fund it just from SB readers. But this is a school with a class of kids who want to learn pre-calc, but have no textbooks. The proposal is to get enough textbooks for the all of the three classrooms full of kids who want to take the course. There’s nothing more disgraceful than a classroom full of hard-working students who’s school can’t even get them books. I put a couple of hundred of my own dollars (which I’m not counting in the SB challenge) towards this; let’s see how much we can do to help these kids.
  • Future Mathematicians in Need of Tools. This is a proposal to get math games and flashcards to help fourth graders learn basic math skills. The whole proposal is only $219, and 20% of that is already funded. There are a bunch more similar proposals for this kind of supply. Go look at the challenge and see if any of them catch your interest.

To contribute to these, just click on over to DonorsChoose.. And if you do contribute, don’t forget that SB is running a drawing to give away goodies to the people who’ve contributed. Just send a copy of the confirmation message that you get from DonorsChoose to “”. You can see the stuff that we’re giving away over on Janet’s blog.
There’s also lots of other great science proposals that could use money. Janet’s got the rundown.

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