Return of the Bible Code Bozos

Remember back in the end of june, when I [talked about these insane bozos][code] who were [predicting that a nuclear bomb would be blown up in the UN plaza?][firsttime] And they were on their fourth prediction about when this would happen? And how each time they blew it, [they came up with an excuse for why they were wrong?][update]
I thought it would be fun to take a look back at them, and see what they’re up to six weeks later. Naturally, [they’re still at it.][bozos] They’ve updated their prediction 5 more times now.
But there are a couple of really amusing things about what they’re up to now.
First, they’ve declared victory:
>We correctly predicted that the UN would lose its headship in 2006Tammuz (this
>being the 2nd head of the image of the Beast of Revelation 13) which gets a
>death stroke but then recovers. It lost its head on 2006July12 when Israel
>invaded Lebanon without a UN mandate. The UN lost credibility and lost control >for a month. It lost headship over Israel for one month. But the image of the
>Beast does not lose two heads, it only loses one head. Each of the 7 heads of
>the image of the UN Beast stands for one month of military headship over the
>governments of the world, just as the 7 heads of the UN Beast itself each stand
>for one year of military headship over the governments of the world. So we knew
>it had to regain headship this month and it did by virtue of the multilaterally
>agreed UN Security Council ceasefire resolution of Friday 2006August11. Now the
>UN will declare Peace and Security and then sudden destruction will befall them
>according to 1 Thessalonians 5:3. So please leave NYC for the sabbath!!!
And second, they’ve worked *their errors* into their code. That is, they’re now saying that their bible code *predicts* that they’d get it wrong seven times, so that their *eighth* prediction will be right. But they’ve made 9 predictions! So what to do? Well, hedge of course. You see, only the *correct* incorrect predictions count. So they have an explanation for why *some* of the incorrect predictions were *correct* incorrect predictions, and some were *incorrect* incorrect predictions.
>On April 29th we started predicting dates for a terrorist Nuclear Bomb at the
>UN in midtown. After making several mistakes we realised that 1 Kings 18:43
>declared we would get it right at the 8th attempt (Since Elijah asked his
>attendant to go and look for a man made mushroom cloud 7 times after the first
>no show, making 8 attempts in all). The trouble is that we have found it hard
>to decide just what a valid attempt is. Here are all the incorrect dates we
>have so far proposed…
>2006Iyyar21 (May 19/20) [7 days after 2006Iyyar14]
>2006Iyyar28 (May 26/27) [7 days after first mistaken date]
>2006Iyyar11 (June 8/9) [First day of the 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 incorrectly calculated]
>2006Sivan12 (June 9/10) [First day of the 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 correctly calculated but misinterpreted]
>2006Tammuz2/3 (June30-July2) [7th sabbath after first mistaken date/7th sabbath omitting 2006Sivan5]
>2006Tammuz4-6 (July2 – July 4) [7th sabbath day when we asked people to lookout]
>2006Tammuz28/29 (July 25 – 27) [Assumed contest began on 911]
>2006Ab3/4 (July 30 – August 1) [Assumed second ‘day’ of contest began when wheat went limit up in Chicago]
>2006Ab8 (August 4/5) [Assumed second ‘day’ of contest began on non BLC day of 2006Adar28 so that 1750th day is sabbath]

>What we now propose is…
>2006Ab15 (August 11/12) [7th sabbath lookout period after first mistake]
>So one could say you have had 9 attempts, you screwed up each time, give up and
>try doing something less dramatic! But although our repeated failures would at
>first sight take more and more credibility away from our work, the world
>security situation is for a fact moving in a direction that lends more and more
>credibility to our work. We started behaving as prophets of Doom for the UN and
>for Manhattan on April 29th 2006, when we proposed 2006Iyyar11 (June 8/9) as
>the date of the first nuclear terrorist attack. At that time the following
>global security situation existed…
Gotta love it, eh?
I’ll give ’em credit for their persistence, if not for their intelligence, or their sanity, or their rationality, or even their theology.

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  1. Spook

    Bible code researchers offer a vital and important service to all of us, and they should be respected for that.
    They give us all something to laugh about. These guys are comedy gold!

  2. George Wagner

    I don’t have much use for Bible Codes, for a number of different reasons.
    But to describe those mathematicians who support Bible Codes as “bozos” and even “insane bozos” is the type of ad hominem attack I long ago had drummed out of me in Critical Thinking classes. Don’t they offer those any longer?

  3. goddogtired

    George! Are you being honest? There’s the real stink of Xianity, Bible Belt with Codes and all, about your brief burst of semi-indignation. The one trait shared by ALL Xians (as opposed to Christians, y’know, even the nuttier sects) is their absolute obsession with attempting to mask themselves as “reasonable, reasoning” people when they offer up the first of their practiced lies.
    Why don’t you give us a few of your “number of reasons” you “don’t have much use for the Bible Codes” to prove me wrong, eh?

  4. Mark C. Chu-Carroll

    Did you actually *look* at the site I was mocking?
    Do you actually mean to tell me that you think it’s appropriate to call the guys who wrote that *mathematicians*?
    Do you really believe that the babblings on that site are *not* insane?

  5. Mark C. Chu-Carroll

    It’s real. I’m as certain as I can be without going to visit their church in person. They’re a radical offshoot of the Jehovah’s witnesses; if you prowl their site a bit, you can find some very deep JW references, including bitter complaints that the JH patriarchs won’t give them access to documents from the watchtower.
    Insane, but real, far as I can tell.

  6. Mark C. Chu-Carroll

    You know what’s really scary? They’re *not* using any intoxicating substances. They’re from one of the christian sects that absolutely forbids any drugs. They don’t even allow *coffee*, because it contains caffiene. So they’re doing it without drugs!

  7. bmurray

    “Insane bozos” is purely descriptive. It’s not an attack. Further, at no point (and you’ll want to whip out your Critical Thinking text book here) is anyone saying that they are wong *because* they are insane bozos. What is being claimed is that they are wrong and that their wrongness is evidence of their insane bozonity. This is perfectly logical.

  8. josh

    The reaction of this group, while entertaining, is certainly not surprising. Psychologists even have a name for this particular behavior : “Cognitive dissonance”
    These excellent wikipedia entries recount the story of a cult that thought the world was going to end on a certain day and that a UFO would come take them away. When that day came and went without incident, it only served to strengthen the cult members’ beliefs.
    (The day was December 21, 1956)


    As you know, the Satan character is seen as the holiest of all. I say this because one minute he is referred to as being the bad guy, yet the rest of the time people apparently think he does nothing bad in this world at all. Personally I disagree with this 100% .
    He wants to keep people from the truth, thus if there are true Bible Codes for instance, then he will focus people upon codes which are of no great value, and do so until mankind loses interest in Bible Codes in general. Thus when true bible codes surface, people will spit into the face of these truths before even having examined them. Such an easy job for Satan to follow through with, isn’t it !
    Thus those who release such code, are instantly seen as the off the wall, crazy people, etc.
    In short mankind says that if someone invented a square wheel, and then someone else at a later date invented a round wheel, the the inventor of the round wheel is to be laughed at, and the round wheel invention is to be tossed into the trash can. Meaning, if one wheel don’t work, then all wheels dun work, or if these Bible Codes are no good, then all Bible Codes are no good. In other words people often behave like absolute idiots.
    Anyway, you might find Bush’s codes interesting. George was up to no good, so says the Bible.
    Using a unique but simple Bible Code search format, you find that George Walker Bush has a fascinating connection with the number 666 over and over and over… again. Coincidence?
    First read the bare bone basics about this Code system, and then click on ” NEW ” near the top of the page to jump down to the George Walker Bush 666 section.
    Remember, what codes are exposed here, were encoded within the KJV Bible, thus it is your job to say that they were all just made up out of the blue. At least that is what you are to do if Satan has complete power over you.


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