Why the blog is slow this week

GM/BM has been pretty slow overall this week, both in new posts and in my responses to comments on previous posts. It was both bigtime deadline week on my project at work; and a very bad week for family health issues.
My dad, who I’ve mentioned on this blog a lot of times because of the fact that he’s the one who
got me started on math and geekery, has had some serious medical trouble lately, and he wound up
in the hospital this week with gangrene and a related blood infection. So I’ve been running to NJ to see him and help my mom, and back to NY to my own family and work. That hasn’t left much time for blogging, and
the time I’ve had, I’ve been rather distracted.
In particular, I really shouldn’t have posted part two of the sheaves posts. I’d just started writing it when I got the news about my dad, and I tried to just finish it up quickly so I could post it, and not leave part one hanging without part two. Unfortunately, the result showed how distracted I was. It’s definitely not up to the kind of quality that I aim for. When I have time, I’ll rewrite that one so that it actually makes sense.
Things should, most likely, be back to normal by next week. In the meantime, thanks for all of the votes in the blog awards! Last I checked, GM/BM was in *fourth place*! Coming in fourth in a group of people like
that is simple amazing.

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  1. rmp

    Being a fan of GM/BM and a person who is dealing with Senior Parents (and a sister who has just passed), I wish I could do more than ‘I wish you strength’.

  2. Jonathan Vos Post

    Deep sympathy.
    Both of my parents and all 4 grandparents died in medical emergencies too awful to describe here.
    I also lost a friend, Dan Alderson to gangrene. After the ensuing amputation, he was terribly depressed, and died, still grieving over the loss of the job at JPL that he had loved.
    Best wishes for improved health to your father. May this holiday season be rewarding to you and those that you love.


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