We’ve been having some problem with popups showing up on scienceblogs. It’s not deliberate: Seed does not accept popup ads. But it appears that one snuck in somehow, but no one is sure where it’s coming from.

If you see a popup on GM/BM, please do me a favor, and post a comment here telling me:

  1. Who the popup was for,
  2. What ads appeared on the page when the popup popped up.

The sooner we figure out where the popup is coming from, the sooner we can get rid of it.

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  1. Richard Tew

    I got a popup with an image which led to:
    The image said “Your Opinion MATTERS. Take a quick survey. Your answers will strictly be used for research purposes.” And at the bottom it said “QUESTIONMARKET.COM”.
    The ads on the scienceblogs page (http://scienceblogs.com/goodmath/2007/05/the_axiom_of_extensionality_1.php) were both flash. The one on the right hand side was for “www.dow.com/HU”. The one at the bottom of the page was for “endabuse.org”. I had flash blocking on so that is what loaded when I clicked on them, but the page had been sitting open for several hours (Firefox caught the popup and had it’s yellow warning bar about it on the page).
    I still have the page loaded. If there is anything I can do using Firefox to give further information, let me know.

  2. MiddleO'Nowhere

    I got the same popup on the Last 24 Hours page. It was also from questionmarket.com. There was an add for the same thing along the right side. (http://ad.doubleclick.net/click%3Bh=v8/355c/3/0/%2a/d%3B99867022%3B0-0%3B0%3B13470506%3B4307-300/250%3B20853125/20871018/1%3B%3B%7Esscs%3D%3fhttp://survey.questionmarket.com/surv/300901/ai_start.php?site=19&from_ec=0)
    The popup itself had this URL.

  3. benjymous

    Switched to IE and turned off popup blocking, and I got the following popup eventually
    The text of the popup matches that of Richard Tew’s
    ecomagination ad at the top,
    capitalone and seed ads on right
    capitalone at the bottom
    I’ve seen the same adverts on other pages without getting the popup, so it might be something hidden

  4. Dave Gill

    I got the same ad that Richard got – the pop up for “your opinion matters”
    The banner ad also said something about a questionaire. I haven’t clicked on either… .matter of principle….

  5. Dave Gill

    It is the questionmarket.com banner – it also shows as a block ad on the side of the page – ironically on the page that this blog entry is.

  6. Pablo

    I got that “take a survey” popup just now. But since I hadn’t read your request, I didn’t pay much attention to it and closed it without looking into details.

  7. Nem

    I’ve closed the Explorer about 15 minutes ago and out of nothing came an Explorer-popup from ad.insightexpres…
    it’s something local, not from your site. Somehow something must’ve been installed…

  8. john wayne

    The web master of this site should know all about the pop up that is being sent to everone as it originates from this site. Pretty clever way to get names and email addresses for future home invasions. I have a good idea what you could do with your pop up if it solid and cylindrical. I will be reporting this incident as it happen during an online presentation to a very valued customer. They were not impressed.


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