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Books for Young Mathgeeks: Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere

As promised, another review of a childrens math book. Tonight, my daughter and I read “Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere: a Fibonacci Tale” by Ann McCallum.

This time, I have absolutely no complaints. “Rabbits” is a beautifully told story, with delightful artwork, which makes the basic idea of the Fibonacci series understandable to a first grader. It’s a wonderful book, which I recommend absolutely without reservation. If you have a child around 1st grade age, buy this book.

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Books for Young Mathgeeks: "A Place for Zero"

I recently had the opportunity to get hold of a collection of children’s picture books with math stories. A fellow scienceblogger had been contacted by a publisher, who offered to send review copies of their books to interested SBers.

The publisher turned out to be the folks who publish the “Sir Cumference” books. My wife bought me a copy of the first of that series as a joke, and my daughter immediately appropriated it, and absolutely loved it. So I requested copies of a large bunch of their math adventures, and I’ll be posting reviews as my daughter and I finish them.

The first one that we read together is “A Place for Zero”:, by Angeline Sparagna Lopresti. My daughter picked this one because of the artwork: it’s done in a really attractive style – simple enough to be engaging, and yet complex enough to really be a part of the story.

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